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Monday, August 18, 2014

My First Official Post!

I remember creating a Blogger account last summer, and I totally went all out on it, and it was amazing and everything, but I can't remember what email I used or what it was here we are! Starting over!
I really wish I could find my review of Sing Me to Sleep though, that was pretty bad a**.

Anyway, I'm Madisyn!
I have multiple accounts on social media because I'm obviously an obsessed book nerd that dedicates her life to books and accounts dedicated to books.
Here's a beautiful list of important things to help you get to know me better:
Kik: Feathersnidget
Skype: madi_h98 (I'm about 80% sure that's it at least)

So add me up on all things social media! Be cool! Let's be besties, fellow book nerds!

I really have nothing else important or exciting to say at this moment, so I'm gonna try to get some book reviews up tomorrow. Well, either that or do homework, but I'd much rather do some book reviews.
Love you all!
Talk to you soon!

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